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Where have we been and why the limited number of units?

Hello there and thank you for visiting our online store specifically created to sell the last remaining units of the second Variant of PancakeBots known as PancakeBot 2.0

My name is Miguel Valenzuela, inventor of PancakeBot, and untill recently we had limited access to our IP, and PancakeBot Inventory.  As the beginning of this year, that has changed, and so our plan is to sell the very limited remaining units in order to raise money for the next PancakeBot variant, that will address many of the issues of the first models.

We are currently selling these units through our sister corporation, Kreativ Perspektiv Inc,. while we work with getting our next business entity up.

$20 of this will go directly to Remarkable Steam, a non-profit dedicated to STEAM initiatives for kids.

The remaining amount of money will be used for shipping, and to help get the PancakeBot dream on the road again as well as provide online support for the product.

Thank you for your continued support!


Miguel Valenzuela

Inventor of PancakeBot