DEADMAU5 Says "Meh" to DeadMau5 Pancakes

Joel Zimmerman, also known as DeadMau5 visually proclaimed that his DeadMau5 pancake created by the co-creator of PancakeBot, Lily "Fish Lord" Penelope, was just "Meh".
Joel Zimmerman with Lily "Fish Lord" Penelope, Co Creator of PancakeBot, holding a partially eaten DeadMau5 Pancake.
"I expected that," said L.P.  I mean, it does not even light up.  Next time, we'll do batter."
It was unknown whether or not Joel had any syrup on his custom made pancake but that could have had a bearing on the result.
Miguel Valenzuela, creator of PancakeBot, was speechless, because he wanted to have a picture with Joel but instead, he was taking pictures.